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Fence Anchor - Temporary Construction Fence Feet

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This product has a minimum quantity of 48

Temporary Construction Fence Feet - Fence Anchor

As mentioned before the Fence Anchor has been extensively tested by ourselves and proven itself time and time gain to be stronger and more durable than other rubber, concrete and recycled fence feet on the market. We have even produced a video to demonstrate this.

Why is this important? Well it means that you are going to have to replace the feet less often, saving you time and preserving your investment.

Stacking Design

Shipping heavy, bulky items around the USA is not cheap, for this reason it is important that every space within a truck or container is used. These temporary construction fence feet neatly stack on top of each other saving space, decreasing transport costs.

High visibility yellow end construction fence foot

High Visibility Ends

This is increasingly important in a world where litigation for injury is a constant problem. By using the Fence Anchor with its high visibility end marking a move toward a trip free environment.

Large holes for fence panels

Highly Compatible

The design features six holes to accommodate 1.5” diameter fence legs. This makes the Fence Anchor compatible with many types of Harris and temporary construction fencing.

Fork Lift Fence Foot

Fork Lift Slots

Moving fence feet around on site should not be a laborious task, for this reason each fence foot incorporates two fork lift “slots” allowing for easy lifting and transportation from the pallet to the drop point where the feet are to be used.

Single Man Lift

Some older products are so heavy that they require a 2 men to lift or even a crane to move them into position. These fence feet weigh in at 39lb so can easily be moved by a single person. Ensuring that you are not wasting labor or putting workers at risk.


  • Events
  • Concerts
  • Construction
  • Crowdm Management
  • Demolition

Custom Colors Available

We can brand this block in almost any color to suit your brand or organisations needs and requirements. A minimum order quantity and extended delivery time may apply.

Measurements Diagram

Need Assistance?

If you need assistance in choosing the right temporary construction fence foot for your needs, or if you need further information about the Fence Anchor then please call our expert sales team at (800) 671-9662.


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Height 5.3"
Width 8.26"
Per Unit 39 lbs.
Color Black
Eco-Friendly 100% Recyclable
Length 29.5"
Per Pallet 48


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